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Case Studies

A case study on how an Electronic Manufacturing company used TLM’s lead generation and appointment setting program to get some qualified leads.

About Client

The client is based out in Oregon and has a manufacturing facility to cater the electronic manufacturing and assembly needs for the businesses. This includes Electronic Contract Manufacturing, PCB Assembly, Box Build Assembly, Custom Cable Assembly and Wire Harness Assembly.

the lead market

Business Problem

  • The leads they were getting were not the right people and that was the biggest worry for them. 
  • They were short of hands for doing the cold calls and the email marketing. 
  • They had one vendor for lead generation & appointment setting but they couldn’t get any qualified leads through them and were looking for some alternative channel of getting some qualified appointments. 
  • They were also worried about the budget which was going for the lead generation & appointment setting.

Our Plan

  • When we met the client and understood the problem, it was clear that the client is not getting the kind of leads they want. The client mentioned to us that they used email marketing before and it didn’t work. We were ready with our email marketing plan and execution as well. 
  • We started with our basic plan (1 resource for contact discovery, 4 shared resources for campaigning, exclusions, lead identification and document management)
  • The contact discovery resource was trained on the personas and the kind of industries they wanted to talk to. We started targeting owners, CXOs, purchasing, supply chain, electrical, procurement people.
  • We designed a rich text campaign and kept a good mix of infographic and text. The messages were written to the point. These messages were kept short & crisp. We didn’t use a lot of jargon, we kept the campaign simple.
  • The campaigner was then engaged to do the campaign and it was ensured that we will email one person per company to avoid the spamming. We made this look like disciplined bulk emailing. 
  • The lead identifier was instructed to forward all those replies to the client which has any particular kind of electronic manufacturing needs and needs client intelligence to get the meeting. Other Hot leads, we were scheduling it on our client’s calendar.


  • First of all, their budget is now in control. They are getting the leads, talking to the right people and paying less. 
  • No burden of prospecting, writing campaigns/email scripts.
  • This campaign worked so well right from the beginning that the client was very happy. 
  • We are not exaggerating here but yes, we have given 17 leads in the first month itself and then 12+ conversations every month. We were surprised too :)
  • Some of the leads are transactional in nature where they have very particular needs and want the client to submit the proposal for their services.