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A case study about a DFW based MSSP built a solid pipeline and also closed few monthly Managed Security Services Contracts with TLM email marketing program

About Client

They are based out in DFW and servicing the local businesses for the last 35 years. They are known for their quality service & personalized approach.

DFW based MSSP Email Marketing Success

Business Problem

  • They were quite happy with their customer base but they were looking for some big ticket size and for that they wanted some partner to reach out to the bigger companies & close some leads for them.
  • Being a MSP+MSSP, they were looking for more Managed Security Services contracts. Somehow the current strategy was not working for them.
  • They had the best technicians in the city and they were with them for 20+ years. They were looking for some projects which could keep them engaged with the company.
  • They have 4 sales professionals, they wanted them to work on some of the quality leads. 

Our Plan

  • Identify the Target Market: We identified the companies that the client wants to reach out to. These should be companies that require managed security services, and that have the potential for big-ticket contracts.
  • Build a Targeted Email List: Once the target market has been identified, we built a targeted email list of decision-makers in these companies. This can be done by using lead generation tools, searching for relevant contacts on LinkedIn, and other industry-specific databases.
  • Craft a Compelling Email Campaign: The next step was to craft a compelling email campaign that highlights the client's unique selling points and how they can help potential customers with their managed security needs. The email should be concise, engaging, and informative.
  • Schedule and Send Email Campaign: Once the email campaign is crafted, we schedule it to be sent to the targeted email list. This should be done strategically, with the goal of reaching decision-makers at a time when they are most likely to read and respond to the email.
  • Follow-up and Track Responses: After sending the email campaign, tracked responses and follow-up with potential leads. This can be done by sending a series of follow-up emails or setting up a call to discuss the potential for partnership.
  • Provide Sales Enablement: Since the client has 4 sales professionals, provide them with the necessary resources and training to work on quality leads. This may include creating a lead persona.
  • Analyze and Optimize: Finally, analyze the results of the email campaign and optimize it for better performance. This may include A/B testing, adjusting the email content, or changing the timing of email sends.


  • We delivered a total of 52 qualified leads in the calendar year of 2022. 
  • They have closed 14 businesses with our leads and rest are in the pipeline. 
  • Their team is now getting a good flow of appointments and working on closing them, rather than finding them.