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Interesting read on how a cybersecurity specialized company in British Columbia, Canada used TLM email marketing services for qualified leads

About Client

The client is based in British Columbia, Canada. Their cybersecurity solutions are really robust and they have productized every solution.

Cybersecurity Success - British Columbia Company Boosts Leads with TLM Email Marketing

Business Problem

  • Their cybersecurity services were good and hence they productized it. The problem was the investment, they didn’t want to put a lot of investment into it.
  • The owner’s partner had all the marketing expertise and he left the company, so the other owner wanted someone expert to handle this.
  • Their costing was not competitive enough with others in the market, but the product was giving excellent results and helping companies to be secure.

Our Plan

  • We knew from the start that this is not going to be an easy nut to crack. We mapped the territory and started working on the potential of companies, each territory has.
  • As soon as our prospecting plan was ready, we focused on the campaign. We read all the details of the product and wrote a couple of email scripts. The owner was happy after seeing it.
  • We continued writing and then had a multi touch point campaign ready for the client. We focused on the security features of the product. We never focused on the pricing.
  • Then the campaigning was planned in such a way that we send email to one individual per company on a particular day, this made reachout easy.
  • The lead identifier was instructed to nurture every possible reply coming our way and we put the experienced miner for this account.
  • Resources were put in a dedicated team for this account and then the activities were carried out. Resources were picked based on their domain expertise.