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Learn how a BPO Company Partnered with TLM for a Steady Lead Flow & Secured Major Client

About Client

Our client, a Pennsylvania-based BPO company with global operations, specializes in providing cost-effective BPO solutions to clients across various industries.

BPO Company Partnership with TLM

Business Problem

  • Conveying their message effectively in a crowded BPO industry was a significant challenge for the client.
  • Despite having a talented sales team and delivering high-quality support, they struggled to win new customers.
  • The client faced difficulties generating qualified leads due to ineffective collaboration with external agencies.
  • Their existing email marketing campaign had negative repercussions, damaging the company's image with potential spamming concerns.
  • The client desired a strategy to establish a consistent flow of leads.

Our Plan

  • Prospecting: We developed a comprehensive program targeting a nationwide audience, with a focus on industries where the client excelled, such as insurance and financial services.
  • Email Sequencing: We designed an email sequence that varied in length, emphasizing the use cases mentioned on the client's website and tailoring campaigns accordingly.
  • Targeted Messaging: Our campaigns highlighted the countries of operation and showcased the recruitment process to convey the quality of services offered.
  • Lead Identification and Introduction: We established a dedicated team to identify and introduce leads to the sales professionals. This team monitored the inbox round the clock and introduced leads upon receiving neutral to positive responses.
  • Follow-Up Strategy: For leads that did not initially convert, we diligently followed up to schedule appointments, ensuring no potential opportunities were missed.


  1. Within the first six months, the campaign generated several leads, laying the foundation for future success.
  2. A breakthrough occurred in the seventh month, resulting in the closure of a significant deal.
  3. By the end of the first year, the client closed three deals from the leads generated through our program.
  4. The client experienced improved brand awareness and witnessed a higher ratio of leads visiting their website, thanks to our efforts.
  5. The second largest deal in the client's history was secured through TLM leads, highlighting the effectiveness of low-cost email marketing.
  6. The client continues to receive leads and intends to expand the resources dedicated to the current email marketing program.
  7. They not only appreciate our program but also actively recommend it to other customers.