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Importance of Email Marketing

Importance of Email Marketing

February 2, 2022

Email Marketing

Whether you are selling a service or product, email marketing should always be the option amongst other tools of marketing like cold calling and direct mail service.

If we look at the feasibility to set up the lead generation tools then email marketing is most preferred. The cost involved is also less than cold calling and direct mail service. With email marketing, you can reach the maximum number of customers with a one email campaign given you should have the prospect list and a beautiful email talking about your services/product. 

How would email marketing help?

Email Marketing helps in generating the website traffic for your new services or products. You don’t have to make your team call your prospects rather you can save money on tele callers. Your prospects can see the service and products through email in their leisure time and don’t have to pick a no welcoming call. It is very important to understand that email marketing should be the priority to create awareness for your brand. For example, if you own a retail store for some product and need to market your product in the market, all you need is the list of prospects in your territory and then some way to send out the emails which goes into their inbox. The CTA can be given in the email so that the prospect can visit the website and take necessary action.

Choose email marketing over cold calling

If you know more about cold calling then you understand that getting a successful connection is very difficult whereas in email marketing, you can easily connect with your prospects if you follow the right email practices. With emails, you can reach prospects and by giving them an option of freedom to reply at whatever time they want. Nobody is calling them and getting into their privacy. You can convey a lot of information through email and can be more presentable. With calling, you would have 10-15 seconds to pitch your product/services and you have to do your best to win the customer.

Multiple Touchpoints

Email is the most favorable option of doing marketing. Selling something is always tricky but if done the right way - selling becomes easy. You can do multiple touchpoints with email marketing and you will be sure that the message is reaching the inbox. With other tools, you are not very sure if the message is conveyed or not. You can always start with an introductory email regarding your service or product and then you can follow up on those emails, making sure you can keep prospects interested with new content every week. 

According to the industry sources, if you are sending 100 emails then you would have guaranteed 60-70% readers based on the email deliverability. If done the right way, this number can be increased. This number is really encouraging to do more of email marketing campaigns rather than cold calling and direct mails. 

Also, tracking of emails is not recommended while you send cold emails. Tracking of emails is good and we recommend it once you talk to the lead and then track their activity, rather than tracking the emails right from the start. 

It is recommended that you should engage some lead generation company for your email marketing campaign. The Lead Market (TLM) is a lead generation & appointment agency that can help you in setting up the email marketing campaign for your business. TLM provides end to end support from contact discovery to appointment scheduling. TLM is helping 135+ customers today with qualified appointments.

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