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7 Killer B2B Lead Generation Strategies That Produce Results

7 Killer B2B Lead Generation Strategies That Produce Results

February 2, 2022

7 B2B Lead Generation Strategies

A sales lead refers to a business or person who may become a client. Sales lead is also known as the data that recognizes an entity as a prospective buyer of a service or goods. Marketing efforts such as trade shows, direct mailings, and advertising help businesses gain access to sales leads.

When trying to get leads, businesses will examine their new clients to determine their interest and intent. The quality of a lead can be identified by the accuracy of contact information and several other factors.

Companies implement various marketing strategies to generate leads, such as internet marketing, social media campaigns, networking, outbound sales leads, email marketing, and more. Here’s how sales lead works and how businesses use these strategies for better results.

How Does B2B Lead Generation Work

When selling your products or services to other companies, you’ll need an exclusive approach to lead generation. Since businesses don't operate or make purchases like regular individuals, more decision-makers are involved.

That’s why most marketers find B2B lead generation more complicated than B2C (business-to-consumer) marketing. A professional will produce, qualify, and place the sales lead data into a company's sales pipeline to begin the lead generation process.

Salespeople often use information such as the lead's contact information for direct marketing, sending sales-pitch emails, and making outbound sales calls.

Social Media Marketing

This digital marketing strategy uses social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter to attract potential customers. Efficient social media marketing campaigns engage social media users with likes, encouraging comments, and shared posts featuring your company’s messages.

Certain social media campaigns help develop brand awareness of a service or product. Moreover, they develop sales leads by motivating viewers to provide any contact details or signup in exchange for a free download.  

Building Opt-In Campaigns  

The first step to generating leads for your company is creating an opt-in campaign to grow your contact list. This campaign is a special message on your site to get the visitors to take the action you want. This can either be redeeming a coupon or redirecting your traffic to any landing page.  

Most often, the main objective of an opt-in campaign is to provide contact information such as the email address. These campaigns are available in several forms, such as slide-in scroll boxes, floating bar, inline form, full-screen welcome mat, and more.

B2B lead generation requires a system that helps you grow your contact list. It enables communication with your audience for free. As a result, email marketing is made more affordable than paid ads. Moreover, it’s a more reliable option than social media.

Using Lead Magnets

Once you've decided to get more leads with an opt-in campaign, you need to determine the lead magnets you intend to use. Lead magnets are a type of promotion or content that prompts people to your call to action (CTA). Lead magnets can be found in various forms like – infographics, checklists, locked content, and eBooks.

You'll need a lead magnet as people are less likely to give their email addresses without getting something valuable in return. Once they join your contact list, you can nurture the lead until you get another loyal customer.

When creating a lead magnet for businesses, you must consider the following factors:

·        The type of business you intend to attract

·        Budget – large companies have big budgets while small startups have limited resources)

·        Company culture of businesses

·        Goals of target businesses

Including Countdown timers

One of the biggest drawbacks of B2B marketing is that businesses usually take a lot of time to purchase. Countdown timers inform people that they only have X days or hours to decide. As a result, the sense of urgency will lead to higher conversions.

That’s because countdown timers will encourage businesses to deal with things quickly. When marketing to larger companies, use countdown timers that mainly feature your lead magnets. However, you must utilize them cautiously for direct sales as the person who wants to buy may fail to buy anything within the set time frame.      

Segmenting the Contact List  

For B2B marketing, you need to focus on how you address each company as they have different requirements. Consider segmenting your contact list to effectively personalize your messaging. Whenever an individual opts for a campaign, you can segment your audience with the help of your email service provider (ESP). The tags can be applied directly during the campaign creation phase.

That’s how you can tag new leads and send automated email series according to their professional goals and the size of their business.

Crafting a Vigorous Call to Action

The call to action (CTA) is a significant part of aB2B lead strategy. It can be a sentence, phrase, or word that prompts the reader to take action. Though you’re showing a lead magnet to a business, the person at the other end of the screen must be convinced to do what you want them to.

Most often, a client's decision depends on how well you craft the call to action. Some of the most effective practices include:

·        Using action words such as join, download, subscribe

·        Creating urgency with words like "Today Only" and "Now"

·        Minimizing risks  

·        Use bright colors that stand out on your web page to attract customers


Opt for Reliable B2B Lead Generation Services

To help your business generate B2B leads, check out one of the most reliable and effective lead generation platforms – The Lead Market. We have a team of experienced consultants specializing in B2B lead generation services. In addition, they offer services such as inside sales consulting, B2B contact discovery, email list cleansing, and lead generation campaign designing.  

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