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Learn how a bookkeeping company leveraged TLM email marketing services to build a healthy pipeline

About Client

The client is based out of Oklahoma and they provide bookkeeping services to small and mid size businesses across Oklahoma City.

Discover how a bookkeeping firm boosted client growth with TLM email marketing.

Business Problem

  1. Being a small bookkeeping company, they had limited resources to reach out to the companies. They wanted some affordable solution.
  2. They did engage with one of the marketing programs which had email marketing + cold calling, but it didn’t work out for various reasons.
  3. Because of all SaaS solutions coming up, they were facing some problems in new client acquisition, hence wanted some legit source to generate the leads.

Our Plan

  • We worked on company size filters like 1-10 employee size companies, and then used sources like LinkedIn and Google Maps to scrape out the companies.
  • We wanted every lead to be productive and hence we scrapped all the decision makers in the company including the owners, presidents.
  • The campaign was designed such that the prospective company should get a sense of ownership from the client.
  • We focused on pricing, the issues linked to bookkeeping and then all the compliance factors which should be there. We made users aware about all the possible factors that can ruin their bookkeeping.  
  • The resources were divided right from prospecting to campaigner to lead identifier. Every lead was introduced to the owner, so that they can give a call if possible.
  • All the warm and reference leads were given to the owner along with the phone numbers so that they can be called after our email.


  • We gave them 2 leads which turned into business in the first month itself, and that actually established trust in our services.
  • They are still our client; we are giving them leads every month.
  • They now have a well-oiled engine for lead generation & appointment setting.