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Success of an Albuquerque, New Mexico-Based Light Industrial Staffing Agency with TLM's Email Marketing Program

About Client

The client, based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, specializes in providing staffing services for light industrial companies, specifically catering to general labor and other light industrial positions.

 Success story of a New Mexico-based light industrial staffing agency, highlighting results from TLM's email marketing program

Business Problem

The client faced several challenges:

  • Difficulty in acquiring new customers in the local New Mexico market for their light industrial staffing services, which was a critical issue for them to address.
  • Previous attempts with different vendors did not yield the expected results, prompting them to seek a lead generation partner with relevant experience.
  • Established staffing industry giants were securing most of the contracts, making it challenging for the client to compete. They sought a well-defined strategy for effective outbound campaigns.

Our Plan

To address the client's needs, we implemented a strategic plan:

  • Deployed experienced prospecting agents to work on the client's account and utilized automated bots to collect data.
  • Conducted outreach to all operational and superintendent contacts obtained through prospecting efforts.
  • Developed a multi-touchpoint campaign tailored specifically for the light industrial sector.
  • The campaign emphasized the availability of workers skilled in general labor, forklift operation, machinery operation, and pallet repair. We highlighted the client's background verification process for workers.
  • Conducted weekly email marketing campaigns to the targeted contacts, each focusing on the immediate availability of resources. Our call-to-action (CTA) encouraged them to get in touch with our team to discuss their staffing needs, with flexibility for suitable appointment times.
  • Monitored email responses closely, ensuring promptness in communication, given the fast-paced nature of the light industrial sector. Exclusions were managed based on individual preferences or requests to remove their company from the campaign.


Our efforts resulted in several significant benefits for the client:

  • Within the first three months, they received numerous work orders, leading to an initial surge in business. While there was a brief slowdown, business subsequently picked up again.
  • The client successfully filled many positions and decided to expand the program to generate more appointments similar to the ones we provided.
  • We have evolved into their strategic b2b partner for reaching out to potential client companies.